COVID-19 Update from Cronin Miller Litigation

COVID-19 Update from Cronin Miller Litigation
Posted on 19 Mar 2020

Dear clients and friends of the firm.

We appreciate that this is a difficult time for many, with news changing by the minute in relation to Covid-19.

We remain, and will remain, open for business during this and we do not expect any disruption to our hours of business.

We can assure you that we have for some time now adopted several social distancing measures to assure the safety of our staff and those we work with (and we are strongly committed to 'flattening the curve'). Fortunately we are able to combine 'work from home' solutions while also maintaining our usual standards of service.

We are also continuing to support the local business community and remain passionate about supporting small business on the Gold Coast and beyond.   We continue to participate (albeit mostly online!) in community forums and networking events.

At these difficult times, we are able to support clients particularly in the areas of:-


*     Debt recovery/collections, cash flow improvement, debt agreements, security   arrangements;

*     Corporate insolvency, restructuring and directors utilising the safe harbour protections;

*     Personal insolvency, dealing with creditors and advising on options;

*     ATO relations, Director/shareholder advice;

*     Corporate advice including Bank/Creditor relations; and

*     Litigation and Dispute resolution services.


We recall that during the GFC we worked with our clients to provide guidance and support at a time when our clients most needed it.  Although we are encountering new territory with Covid-19, please know that we will remain, proudly, one of the most approachable and contactable firms on the Gold Coast.

On behalf of the firm we wish you all the best during this period, and ask that you continue to stay safe, healthy, and up to date.  If we can be of any specific assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.


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